Be the sexual Energizer Bunny you know you can be with these 4 tips.

1. Be Here Now

Be Here Now

Concentrate less about the finish and more about the journey. Focus on pleasing your partner for a more satisfying experience.

2. Foreplay Counts

Foreplay Counts

If you're timing the length of your performance (which you shouldn't be) add the foreplay time to the total experience. Penetration isn't the whole show. So don't short change yourself by thinking "was that too fast?" Foreplay can be pretty fucking hot too.

3. Stay Fit

Stay Fit

Here's another reason to hit the gym. If your body is out of shape you can't expect to go all night between the sheets. Being in shape helps keep the fires burning longer...

4. Practice


Practice makes perfect. Every performer rehearses before the show. There are some amazing sex toys on the market that can help you build stamina. Give them a try but just don't fall in love.